Radius MDF facades

Radius MDF facades

MDF is widely used in construction, cabinet, kitchen and office furniture, furniture for Children and bathrooms. On its environmental and quality characteristics of MDF board is extremely close to the more expensive natural wood, that was the main reason for the wide dissemination of MDF.

MDF is an attractive appearance. High surface quality panels is achieved by carrying out a specific treatment, a thorough sanding and mandatory compliance to strict quality control standards over all stages of production panels. MDF panels have a high moisture resistance, they do not warp under the influence of water vapor, which allows one durable bathroom furniture and high-quality kitchen units.

High MDF board not only looks much presentable than, say, the same DSP, but also to better hold furniture accessories, as the strength of MDF panels is ensured not only by the use of resins, but also through participation in the interfiber interaction is MDF material natural binders.

Next leading cause, to ensure the wide popularity of MDF, is a high production of this material. Panels are easy to handle, parts of MDF furniture sets can be made in the most diverse forms, applying design and technological methods to complicate relief surface decoration and furniture - including panels and rounded corners.

Richness and breadth of opportunities in the construction and design of the furniture, of course, did not go unnoticed - now it's hard to say which of the many areas of human activity are not applicable MDF panels. We can find them almost everywhere, especially from an economic point of view MDF natural wood is much cheaper for both producers and customers.

We offer to our customers manufacture curved (bent MDF) covered with PVC film. This will enable you to create an exclusive kitchen sets and maximize kitchen space.